The weapon

The weapon we are using is actually a simulator. It simulates a fictional weapon, consisting of an energy blade that is generated and stabilized in the hilt. Therefore, we are assuming that every touch of the activated blade causes injuries.

Because of Copyright we have decided to call our weapon Combat Saber, Saber or Light Saber.

A Combat Saber consists of a hilt, mostly made from aluminium, that houses the electronics, especially the LED. Set in it is the blade made of transparent polycarbonate, that is lit up when the saber is activated. Basically, it’s nothing more than a flashlight with a blade. A saber like that can be as base as that or come with sophisticated electronics that provide sound and light effects. That is of no importance in Sabercombat, though.

We use sabers from Ultrasabers and SaberForge, at the moment.




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