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Sport-Lichtsäbel: Was ist das?

Was bedeutet das eigentlich, Sport-Lichtsäbel oder sportlicher Lichtsäbelkampf? Nun, diese Bezeichnungen sollen vor allem die Abgrenzung dazu darstellen, was man auf diversen Veranstaltungen zu sehen bekommt: Schaukampf, bzw. Choreographie. Hierbei handelt es sich mehr um einen einstudierten Tanz als um einen “Kampf”. Im Gegensatz dazu ist ein Gefecht im Sport-Lichtsäbel immer ein Kampf zwischen zwei […]

Protective Equipment

Due to the fact, that a Light Saber can cause injuries like a stick, it is necessary to wear protective gear. Technical training Training techniques with a partner requires just light protective gloves (military or motorcycle) and Airsoft-glasses. A cup for men is recommended. Light sparring Fighting with reduced speed and light hits requires light […]

Form I: Das Tor

Form I: The Gate – Basics Basic techniques: gripping the saber, stance, cuts, parries First solo-form, partner drills. Form I: The Gate – Footwork Stance, basic steps Form I: The Gate – Changing Directions Body Turns, Inverted Cuts, Second Solo-Drill Form I: The Gate – The Three Ways of Defending Voiding, Parrying and Displacing – […]

Form IV: The Whip

If the third form build a shield, the fourth creates a whip, relentlessly punishing the opponent. The keyword is “attack”, from every direction, all the time, relentlessly. Physically, it is the most demanding form, because you have to stay in constant motion. Again, the method of SaberAcademy Vienna is leaving the canonical description behind. Though […]

Form III: The Shield

After we have learned the basics of Sabercombat in the first and second form, we can build upon this with tactical and technical specializations. Clearly, the most useful being Defence. This is where the method of SaberAcademy Vienna begins to leave the canonical forms. We only work with techniques that do really work – within […]

Functional Fiction

When first starting out on the journey that became SaberAcademy Vienna, I read up on all the things that seemed to be “genuine” in this regard. There were already a lot of different groups around that taught their methods based on the Seven Forms. At that time, I had no real idea, what those were […]

SAV Training Concepts

SaberAcademy Vienna looks upon the different forms of Sabercombat as a pyramid. Each style gives the scholar new ways to use a Lightsaber, until he/she can finally create a unique, personal style. Other than traditional martial arts, this is the definite aim – to provide each saberfencer with the buildingblocks to form his very own […]