About Us


We started the SaberAcademy Vienna in 2016 out of our HEMA-Club “Fior della Spada”. Our HEMA-background and our personal stories are influencing our approach to lighsaber combat and it has proved very useful so far.


He has studied and trained different Asian martial art styles since he was a kid, but he found his passion to be HEMA and eventually founded his own club. He is an experienced coach and teaches many weapons like one handed sword with different weapon combinations, cane fencing, knife and many more. He has developed all of the SaberAcademy’s techniques based on these many styles.


Originally having a music background, she also has experience with theatre and musical productions. That is why her first interest at the SaberAcademy is choreography and also Martial Arts Tricking. A few years ago she picked up her first sword in HEMA and is practicing with swords and sabers ever since.