Functional Fiction

When first starting out on the journey that became SaberAcademy Vienna, I read up on all the things that seemed to be “genuine” in this regard. There were already a lot of different groups around that taught their methods based on the Seven Forms. At that time, I had no real idea, what those were but I soon learned. And I found methods that were soley based on something between stage combat and some asian swordarts (sometimes even only looking like those).

So, I had to decide, if I wanted something like this or something that actually worked under combat conditions and could be utilized in stage combat – I went for the latter. First, I began by basing every Form on a historical swordart. This worked, but I soon saw the limits of this approach. It’s a mixed up thing without glue to hold it together.

Then I looked more closely at the weapon – the actual one, not the one it represents. And from this, I began creating a new method, still inspired by the Seven Forms but a different approach. Here, Functional Fiction was born.

The weapon we use – the LED-saber – is real and fully functional. It represents a fictional weapon, though. The techniques we apply are fully functional, they do work with a stick or a sword. Their context is fictional.

Functional Fiction is like a large house. First, you approach this house by finding the Gate. Now, you look for the Key to open it. You enter the house and find doors leading to different rooms. In one, there are various Shields, in the other Whips and blades, still another holds Veils and mirrors and one has siege engines on display, like a Battering Ram. Finally, at the end of the hallway, you enter an arena, where you have to prove your worth against different opponents.

Functional Fiction is a journey. You begin at the Gate by learning the very basics of Sabercombat. Then you use the Key to unlock your path to the various tactical methods that can be used in a fight. At the end of your journey, it is you alone who decides what your fighting style will look like.


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